Forbes India Cover Story # 1: Anniversary Special

Thursday, 13 May 2010 23:16 Written by  Published in Forbes India Cover Story Read 6608 times

Forbes celebrates the completion of a very eventful first year in India. In the pilot episode of the 'Forbes India Cover Story Podcast' in association with Indicast, Indrajit Gupta, the editor at Forbes India and Charles Assisi, the executive editor talk about their anniversary issue. In this issue, Forbes India chose to engage some of the world's finest minds to answer a simple yet thought provoking question, "What is the one idea on your mind that you think will change the world?"

The result has been a beautiful eclectic melange of essays coming from the likes of Tom Davenport (philosophy), Abhijit Banerjee (economics), Mriganka Sur (neuroscience), Jimmy Wales (technology), Bjorn Lomborg (environment) and many others. In the words of Charles, these eminent personalities are rock stars in their respective domains and apart from being thoughtful reads, each of the 25 odd essays promise to leave the reader with something to think about.

In this candid podcast, Indrajit and Charles also give us a run down of how the Forbes India team stuck to their guns and waded through the uncertain times in 2008-09 when recession would keep popping its head from time to time.

You can follow Charles @5n0wcrash and Indrajit @IndrajitGupta on Twitter.

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