Forbes India Cover Story # 2: How the Mightly have Fallen...

Monday, 07 June 2010 15:25 Written by  Published in Forbes India Cover Story Read 4042 times

Rohin Dharmakumar, the Assistant Editor and Shishir Prasad, the Deputy Editor at Forbes India have sculpted this fortnight's cover story which brings us the interesting and eventful tale of the Indian mobile phone service providers. In the second episode of the 'Forbes India Cover Story Podcast' in association with Indicast, Rohin and Shishir join us from Bangalore and Mumbai respectively to talk about the challenging times that the service providers are ploughing through. They make some perceptive observations on how the service providers who are parched for spectrum might just end up using this additional hard earned bounty to provide "voice relief" rather than launch 3G services at least in the near future. Go listen to the 20 minute conversation which is non-technical and "user friendly"!

Listen Online (64 kbps) - 20.40 mins

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