Indicast # 95: An Eclipse of a Lifetime

Friday, 24 July 2009 13:57 Written by  Published in Indicast
The odds of Bihar being in the world spotlight are a million to one. An eclipse made it possible. NASA declared a small town named Taregna in Bihar as the best place to witness what was the longest and one of the most beautiful sights in the sky. Planed earth experienced a complete solar eclipse on July 23. Back on the ground, the Continental Airline has been taken to task because some ground crew member had the audacity to frisk our former president, APJ Kalam. Outside in France, Sarkosy has gotten tough on anyone who wears anything remotely associated with religion; the Sikhs are not too happy about it. Rahul Gandhi has taken an oath of sorts to expel all party members with criminal records.

Episode notes

  • Total Solar Eclipse
  • Rahul Gandhi gets tough on his own men - will not tolerate any criminal records (or so he says)
  • Continental Airlines given the whip for frisking APJ Kalam
  • Sarkosy earns bad publicity among Sikhs for proposing to ban turbans

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