Indicast # 104: Sachin Aalaa Re... All Over Again!

Thursday, 10 December 2009 21:06 Written by  Published in Indicast

When two Sachin fans get together to talk about Him, you might expect a rather one sided conversation, but Aditya surprised me with his take on the recent unintended controversy that Sachin kicked off in the midst of his 20 years of international cricket which was spiced up a little bit with his seemingly innocent and matter of fact remark about Mumbai being a part of India and that it belongs to everyone equally. In other news, in the assembly elections, MNS MLAs beat up Abu Azmi for not taking his oath in Marathi. In Bihar, relief cheque from the state government to certain mishap victims bounced. And in some pleasant news, Sudha Murthy sells millions worth shares at Infy to contribute to her husband's venture capital fund.

Episode Notes

  • Sachin completes 20 years in International Cricket What a knock!
  • Sachin and Balasaheb face-off (or a little less dramatic than that)
  • Science grads will be paid to stay in class
  • Relief cheques from Bihar bounce
  • Mumbaikars die younger than others
  • Murthy's wife also sells $92 million worth shares now

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