Episode # 32 : Rational Romance

Sunday, 12 November 2006 05:30 Written by  Published in Indicast

Our first podcast with both of us sitting face to face...so it definitely was weird to begin with but we eased up as time passed . We start with a few HR issues that start ups like ours face. Belated Gandhijayanti and a very Happy Dry Day!! Whats up with national holiday's being Dry Days?

We consistently digress from one topic to the next and have maintained the tradition in this podcast as well. An arranged marriage is a marriage where the marital partners are chosen by others based on considerations other than the pre-existing mutual attraction of the partners. We can visualise an american teenager after reading the definition exclaim, "Phew! That stuff still happens?" But, here in India, this concept is not only age old, but, apparently more successful than love marriages! We have some interesting stories to share. Orkut, the social networking site allows everyone to have split personalities! The earthling, Jack is completely different from the Netizen, Jack. He "transforms" himself into some other man altogether and gains a few brownie points on the internet from girls! Online Matrinomial sites, a haven and heaven for single males! But, we feel it is dangerousy weird to decide to spend a life with a stranger from (net)seltown! And "Arranged Dates" can be hilarious! Listen to know more.

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