Episode # 22: Plagiarism Guaranteed!!!

Sunday, 12 November 2006 05:30 Written by  Published in Indicast

One fine morning, the 19 year old Harvard sophomore, Kaavya Vishwanathan wrote a book, got rich, got famous, and then, got caught. While she seems to have been only "inspired" by one of her favourite authors and that the similarities between her book, 'How Opal Mehta Got kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life' and Sophie Kinsella's 'Can You Keep a Secret' were only coincidental, we at indicast discuss the fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. The NGO that we researched about this week is by the name of Apne Aap, an NGO which has taken up the daring initiative to end sex-trafficking in India. It is a long weekend here in India with Saturday being Buddha Pournima. So, it is my first saturday off, atleast officially!!! Episode Notes:

  • Kaavya Vishwanathan does an encore. Well, you know what we mean!
  • Plagiarism is a serious academic offense.
  • Indicast's Believe it or Not - Martin Luther King Jr is guilty of plagiarism
  • Anu Malik:Music::______ : Writing. No Points for guessing - Shiv Khera!!!
  • Sachin scores! This time off the field, gets richer by $40Million. The world waits for him to score; on the field!
  • 'Golf is a good walk spoilt!', quipped Mark Twain, but, Tiger Woods earns a million for each one of his walks on the golf course.
  • Apne aap, takes a bold shot at the oldest profession in hisory, Prostitution.

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