Episode #18 - A big issue & a non-issue

Sunday, 12 November 2006 05:30 Written by  Published in Indicast

For this episode we have picked up two topics concerning women but one of them remains a big issue while the other one is a "fabricated" issue by the traditional media. The sentencing in the Marine drive rape case caught our eye and Abhishek went on a number hunt to get a few facts while I took a look into the Indian Penal Code and its definition of rape. The other topic we cover was about the goof-ups at the lakme India Fashion week. In fact, we were in two minds while talking about it since the traditional media and the politician hyped it up so much but we had to tell them to shut up, let go and move on!!

Episode Notes:

  • Here is the background and information on the Marine drive rape case
  • I tried to look for the official link on the web but all in vain. Our arguements and defintion of were based on the copy of the Indian Penal Code available here
  • Why isn't the death penalty an option for the rape offense? Here is, what a rape convict gets at max
  • Can a man be raped?
  • We are no lawyers, but the definition of rape is a bit shaky. Read the explanation #1 at this link. It sounds as if, law considers it to be a rape only if there is penetration or sexual intercourse. But what if the person does everything but that. Do we have an "Attempt to rape" like "attempt to murder"? and if we do, is the punishment for that crime lenient than actual rape?
  • A few that I found good links online concerning rape and sexual harrasment against women
  • Check out Yahoo's coverage on Lakme India Fashion week. There are more news about the wardrobe malfunctions than fashion creativity.

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