Indicast #17 - Cricket & Miss World

Monday, 13 November 2006 02:00 Written by  Published in Indicast
We are (like any other Indian) passionate about cricket. So we had initially planned this episode to be about what we feel about the "Young" Team India. But as it happened, we recorded this episode the same day that Team India was embarrassed by a depleted England team so it ended up being a rant. Then the second topic that we squeezed in was the Miss India Contest. Also, in our typical style we talk about non-sense stuff from here and there. We just hope no one takes offense to it. I ask a very valid question in all the TP that was going on. Is there a male first name that ends in “I”? Post your answers in the comments section Episode Notes:
  • Can you believe this is the scoreboard of India playing at home to save a test match?
  • BCCI is the richest sporting club. Times has reported that BCCI is also planning on buying its own Boeing 767
  • I am not impressed with the winner of Miss India 2006. What say? Should we even care?
Yours Internetally, Aditya P.S : Intro & concluding music provided by Alms for Shanti Listen Online (64 kbps) :/Episode lenght : 23 mins

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