Episode# 16 - NASA

Monday, 13 November 2006 02:01 Written by  Published in Indicast
This week we aren't late and had a guest with us for this show. A friend of ours, Shalin Mody, works at NASA and we had him over to chat about his experiences. We didn't go into details about ISRO and talked generally about space exploration. Episode Notes:
  • Recently, an asteroid mission got cancelled and with the new Crew Exploration Vehicle being built NASA is facing some budget contraints.
  • Space Tourism is fast becoming a reality. Richard Branson has put his money on space exploration too, SpaceShipOne was the first manned private space flight
  • Being in zero gravity should be an awesome experience. A company called Zero Gravity provides
  • Space podcasting??
  • What's exciting at NASA now, its the VSE (Vision for Space Exploration) but like anything else the opinions are divided on this too.
Yours Internetally, Aditya P.S : Intro & concluding music provided by Alms for Shanti Listen Online (64 kbps) :/Episode lenght : 20 mins

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