Episode # 12: The year of 2005

Monday, 13 November 2006 02:09 Written by  Published in Indicast

We are back after a 3 week hiatus and we apologise for that but the schedules kept clashing. That's the trouble having a sales guy as a co-host ;-). We used up this entire episode to talk about things that happened in 2005. Rediff had a special end of the year article about various things about 2005. So we picked the top ten things that made us (Indians) happy in 2005 and top ten trends that rocked India in 2005. We once again beg for your comments so please let us know what you think about our episodes and do refer us to your friends Another announcement, we have released the episode in 48kpbs so the file is much smaller in size which has been highly requested by our listeners. Now, people in India have one less thing to complain about in life.

Episode Notes:

  • We spent the entire episode talking about Rediff's year end special.
  • Top 10 things that made us feel good this year.
  • Kudos to all the people who helped people during the floods all over the country.
  • Is Dhoni just a passing phase?
  • Sania, Please win somthing!!
  • Golf, world's most athletic game
  • Bihar gets another chance, but is it too late?
  • The National rural employment guarantee bill is cool but what about the disguised unemployment?
  • Cheers to low cost airlines
  • Vikram seth returns to India to promote this latest book.
  • I am no geek but History Channel rocks!!
  • A quick chat about theTop 10 trends that hit India in 2005.
  • Rs 200 to watch a movie!!! BTW, watch Black Friday if you get a chance. It wasnt released in India coz it was too ontroversial but an awesome movie.
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