Episode #11 - Rock Baby Rock

Monday, 13 November 2006 02:12 Written by  Published in Indicast

For this episode we had a someone who was part of creating Indian rock history. The vocalist for fabulous Indus Creed and the awesome Alms for Shanti,Uday Benegal, makes an appearance on IndiCast. I had asked him to join us to talk about the past, present and future of his band and also about generral things happening around him. As usual, we had to battle a few technical problems and had to edit a few awesome moments out of our chat.

This episode does contain a few f*&^s here and there and it would have ruined the episode if we took them away. Morover, almost 75% of the people who took our survey said they would be fine with it. I hope you like this episode and do comment on it. It would also be great if you could take 5 and complete our listener survey. Intro & concluding music is an extract of Alms for Shanti's SuperBowl performed live at Mumbai. This page has a few more of their sound clips. If you like what you hear then buy their CD. 

Episode Notes:

  • Uday on P2P music piracy
  • How does Uday create music and his inspirations
  • Why did Indus creed split
  • Talent doesnt guanratee you any success in music
  • What's a record label worth if they cant market your music
  • Uday's entry into music
  • Indus creed (Rock Machine) never had a manager. Imagine a rock group doing their own taxes. I pity the tax authorities.
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