Episode #9 is here (Finally!!)

Monday, 13 November 2006 02:14 Written by  Published in Indicast

For 3 days in a row we have been trying to record this episode and finally it here. We had initially planned for 4 guys to be online but then it so happened that everytime we tried to conference, one of the guys in India would have network problems. So then we finally stuck to whomever we had online. Porus (yes, its porus) is a partner at M-Power Consultants, a company that specializes in handling money for NRIs.

Also, we have been guessing that most of our listeners are from US and are students et cetera but we want some solid facts now. We have created a short listener survey to know about who you are and what you like. It'll be of great help if you could participate in our listener survey.

Episode Notes:

  • Good and bad memories from Wankhede stadium.
  • Pissing off bengali's and sardars, Porus doesnt discriminate.
  • Investing options for NRIs
  • What the heck is NRE, NRO and FCNR? Porus explains all
  • Finance is just too big a topic to cover in one episode. We will talk more about investing options in future episodes.
  • Hottest investment area in India is painting.
All our bengali, sardar and gujju friends, please use the comments to send hate messages to Porus. Yours Internetally, Aditya Listen Online (64 kbps):

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