Episode # 40: Hutch to Big Brother

Saturday, 13 January 2007 22:03 Written by  Published in Indicast
Welcome to the fastest Indicast Episode! You may hear a few horns and disturbances on your way to the last minute coz Aditya is in a cafe using "chori ka wi-fi"!!!

The story of the week has been how Hutchison Telecom  like a lump of jaggery has attracted ants from all corners of the globe! Essar, Reliance, hinduja, Vodafone all want to taste some success in the telecom sector and Hutchison is enjoying the attention. We predict a bidding war and Mr. Li, the owner has all reasons to be happy!

Mumbai Marathon, the biggest event in the country will kick off on Jan 21, and will see 30,000 runners including the likes of Anil Ambani. So, what's special? RFID!!! Listen to know more!!!

Gordon Brown, the next in line to be the Prime Minister will visit India, but, it is Shilpa Shetty who is making the NEWS! An offhand racial comment made on Big brother, the reality show has now reached national importance!!! Phew...

A shoutout to Desipundit - Covering the best in the Indian blogosphere

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