Episode # 52: The Great Indian Rainfall!!!

Thursday, 28 June 2007 05:37 Written by  Published in Indicast
It's Rain time in Mumbai and the city is already fealing the heat! (ironically!) While rains disrupted most of the city's roads, it was the chilly weather of Ireland that got to 9 Indian cricket players . Oops! Back in India, the presidential elections is gaining momentum like never before and USA is warming up for its prez candidates as well! While Sunita Williams returned from her 195 day expedition in space, Aditya wonders why is India celebrating her success! In sports, Lewis Hamilton , the 22 year old lad is shaking history in Formula One!

Check out the abode of our president! It's freakinig awesome!
We recommend Dickie Bird's Autobiography for its wit and humor !

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