Indicast # 83: When Ragging Kills

Monday, 16 March 2009 21:11 Written by  Abhishek Published in Indicast
India celebrated Holi just like any other year, but this time with some organic flavour. After the bomb blasts less than a fortnight ago, Pakistan is confident of hosting cricket matches by the end of this year. Aditya opines that Pakistan has bigger problems and that list is endless. India is not making any healthy headlines either. A 19 year old lost his life to careless college ragging. In cricket, India beat New Zealand and Sehwag became the fastest Indian to score a century in an ODI. May be that's the only good news that we've read in the papers for a long time now.
Episode notes:
  • Pakistan hopes to host international matches by year end. What a joke!
  • IPL security budget redetermined upped 10 times
  • Himachal students finally booked for murder for ragging junior
  • Organic Holi
  • Kasab given state of the art security 
  • Kasab's trial is on Video conferencing.

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