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TKM # 1 : iMania

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Anand has joined Indicast as a resident technology host and we say om namah shivay as we get started with Tech Ka Masala. This week has seen the launch of the most hyped technology product ever. Apple iPhone inspite of its shortcoming manages to sell well. Google Gears is also making browsing the internet offline a possibility which webaroo was already doing. Tata also has launched "Croma", its technology stores.


 Episode Notes

  • iHype has been dominating the technology news for the past 6 months now and finally it was D-day for Stephen Jobs. We discuss how the phone lacks a few basic features so a few of us are waiting. Reliance is rummoured to be in talks with Apple to set up Apple Stores to in India. So they will be introducing the iPhone in India but no dates as yet.
  • Google wants to help you browse the internet while offline with their new product Google Gears but Webarro was the first mover with this idea. how comes google didnt just buy them off?
  • is shut down by kremlin but Mp3sparks has cropped up. Same face.. different name!!
  • Tata has launched its chain of Technology stores called Croma having a very urban and professional feel to the whole store.

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