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TKM # 5: Should we be afraid of Google?

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Andreas"Who's afraid of Google?" read the cover story of 'The Economist' on Sept 1. Andreas Kluth , the author of the story was kind enough to join us for a quick chat. Andreas thinks that Google is far from threatening. He compares Google to the banking industry which acts like the custodian of our money. While Google is not as regulated as the latter, it will soon be, but, the founders whom Andreas had a chance to interact with on a few occasions are innocently idealistic; or they were to begin with...In this episode, we also talk about how Google is seeping in our DNA rather literally! (Image Source: The Economist)

Also, Andreas says that Larry page is keen on Artificial Intelligence. But, the magical world of Google is like that of Hogwarts (from Harry Potter)... it has its share of headaches...

...Google is not paradise on earth, unilke what we read in the papers, says Andreas. Google HR also has a problem as any other company has. While they attract the best talent (while Microsoft keeps complaining about it), now-a-days the Googlers (employees of Google) are leaving for cooler start ups like Twitter, etc.

On a lighter note, Andreas has an indian connection too! His new book about failures and successes draws examples from histories and mythologies like Ramayana and Mahabharata. We wish him all the very best for his work and if you guys have any contemperory examples that you think Andreas can use in his book, use the comments section to pour in your thoughts! 

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