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TKM Guest Episode with Tom Standage on Potatoes and Technology!

Written by  Abhishek

Tom Standage
, the Business Editor of The Economist is back... Here's a little behind the scene story. I ask him in my email whether he would want to talk about anything beyond our main topic of discussion - the eventful 2007 that Google, Apple and Facebook have had. His two word reply to my mail reads, 'Potatoes perhaps...' In this podcast, Tom fires away on the technological implications of the potato and how it led to the industrial revolution.

As a keen baker and roaster of potatoes, Tom's genuine fascination of the vegetable is evident and what more he is also writing a book on the technological implication of food! Edward De Bono's concept of Lateral Thinking gets a new meaning. I will not reveal anything more here. Get yourself a drink of your choice (and a potato perhaps) and enjoy the chat...

Tom sent across an autographed copy of his New York Times Best seller, 'History of the world in six glasses' and it is a masterpiece. Tom gleefully tricked us in reading history in the pretext of reading about the beverages like tea, coffee, wine, beer, etc. Click here to read our open letter to Tom on his beautiful account of the beverages and much more.

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Episode length: 21 mins

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