Tuesday, 14 July 2009 07:22

TKM #20 : The G-Bomb

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This episode is slightly lengthy but it was a week filled with a news starting the G-bomb. This week Google announceed the Chrome OS for netbooks and marked Google's entry into the Microsoft turf. We talk about our hopes and concerns about Google's ability to support an OS. In tech news from India, the Planning Commision has launched a Rs. 2000 crore project to inter connect police stations, courts and other important offices with an ambitious deadline of 2011. India also saw Nokia launching its music store but we have our doubts if the severe DRM restriction will its adoption.

Tuesday, 07 July 2009 11:50

TKM #19: Pirates going legit!

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In a belief shattering development, Pirate Bay got bought by a swedish company for around $7.7 million and have announced plans to have a legitimate business plan. While we believe that the Piratebay valuation is fairly low, one must not forget the legal hassels that the company brings with it. In other stories, While Delhi Metro decided to put in cell phone charing stations on trains, cell phone manufacturers in EU have decided to adopt the MicrUSB as a standard for charging the phone. Other stories include facebook's pulic updates, Firefox 3.5 released and a few updates from the last episode.
Monday, 29 June 2009 17:45

New York Movie Review

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Audience is sensitized to the circumstances that create a terrorist. But, it is padded with fluff that is typical of Hindi cinema - songs, colors & happy faces. And this fluff is more in the narration rather than the basic plot itself. That with the predictable dialogues and turn of events makes this a little less watchable than it could have been. All set right in the second half though.
Monday, 29 June 2009 13:57

TKM #18: To hell with censorship

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Censorship seems to the be flavour of the week all over the world. China government has asked computer manufacturers to start installing the Green Dam Software on every machine that they build and sell. India joins the cencosrhip by blocking Savitabhabhi.com for mysterious reasons but in good news coming out of India, Nandan Nilekani joins as cabinet minister to help implement the National Identity card project. In other news, we talk about activisim against Microsoft Outlook, upcoming windows 7 release and Steve back on job
Tuesday, 23 June 2009 19:39

TKM #17: Android is coming to India

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Android is coming to India! After the browser wars, it's mobile OS from Symbian, Google, Microsoft and Apple battling it out. Also, 10 days ago, Opera announced that it was going to re-invent the web. 10 days later, hmmm not so much! In other news, we talk about Acrobat.com, Microsoft's IE8 campaign and the latest on Pirate Bay.
Saturday, 13 June 2009 19:41

TKM #16 : Bad EU No IE

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After years of battle with the European Union, Mincrosoft has decided to take IE out of Windows and leave it to the OEMs to put it in if required. Saket and I agree that this is a good move and microsoft should move on from browser wars to something that really matters to their consumer and seems like that's what they are doing by releasing a free anti-virus software. 
Wednesday, 06 May 2009 18:08

TKM # 15: Back in Business

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We are back after a 3 week break and we start with a new service that Airtel might offer soon which will allow upto 10 number on a single mobile sim card. After the majestic failure of the $10 sakshat computer, India signed an agreement to purchase  around 250000 OLPC giving the OLPC initiative a significant boost. The other topics include Micrsoft's Vine, Facebook opening up its API, Google Launching a tool to digg public data and Panda's cloud anit-virus. Also, why is google hiring goats?
Sunday, 05 April 2009 08:05

8 x 10 Tasveer Movie Review

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There are thrills for sure but they don't last for too long. Also, the peak of suspense comes a bit too late.

Ratings: Movie buffs - rent a DVD

Sunday, 29 March 2009 05:41

TKM # 14 - JesusPhone 3.0

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The highlight of this episode was the JesusPhone (some call it iPhone too) and the announcement of the features that would be in its upcoming firmware upgrade. Meanwhile in India, Symantec has ranked India as the 3rd most spamming country in the world. Bebo, a little late to the game, has announced its entry into India. Other topics in the episode include, Facebook bug revealing your private data, launch of IE8, Yahoo Flickr announcing a deal with Getty Images, and the Pwn2Own Contest.
Sunday, 22 March 2009 08:30

Gulaal Movie Review

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A political drama with some of the most intense performances. What more could a thinking brain ask for? Sure, there'll be nits to be picked but while walking out I just wanted to savor the experience.

Rating:  Must see - on the big screen

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