Point Blank with Andreas Kluth from 'The Economist'

Thursday, 12 July 2007 13:12 Written by  Published in Point Blank Show

Andreas KluthThis week, listen to us chat up with Andreas Kluth , the award winning journalist from The Economist, who has been lauded for his contribution in Media reporting. His survey on New Media is reader friendly, crisp and interspersed with humor. Go read the series of articles here . They are a gold mine of information for anyone wanting to know about the new media!

We talk about how the new media like blogs, podcasting and other means of user generated content is forcing the "old" media to change. Andreas gives us his insights on how new and old media are NOT mutually exclusive throwing in analogies and example which each one of us can relate with! It turned out to be an informal conversation between someone who has 'Been there' and someone who is 'getting started'. It is one of our longish episodes, but, well worth it for the content and the candidness of Andreas. (Image Source: The Economist)

Andreas is also working on a book and has invited comments to help him! Yup, listen to the episode and you'll know what I am saying! 

Listen Online (64 kbps) : Episode length: 31 mins

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