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Saturday, 25 August 2007 05:30 Written by  Published in Point Blank Show
Point Blank with the Dabbawallas Source: Network 18

“When it comes to supply chain, only God can beat em’.” But, we couldn’t interview God. So, we spoke to the second in command, Mr. Raghunath Meghe, the President of the Dabbawala Association, Mumbai.

Following is an excerpt from an article from the Forbes Magazine:

Mumbai's "tiffinwallahs" have achieved a level of service to which Western businesses can only aspire. "Efficient organization" is not the first thought that comes to mind in India, but when the profit motive is given free rein, anything is possible. To appreciate Indian efficiency at its best, watch the tiffinwallahs at work.

Sample This:

  • As of July, 2006 a human machinery of 5,000 semi literate dabbawallahs scurry past the crowded local trains of Bombay evey day, every season and do what the do best – DELIVER
  • 175000 tiffins. 350000 transactions. Day in and day out!
  • The Mumbai Local trains and their "Zero Technology Bicycles" help the dabbawallas cover an area of approximately 75 km daily.
  • It is argubly the biggest non profit organisation in the unorganised sector!
  • Despite the sheer number of deliveries, the failure rate reported is one in 8 million transactions. So, GE, are you listening?

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