Tom Standage on Mesmerising Technologies!

Wednesday, 05 September 2007 05:30 Written by  Published in Point Blank Show

A drummer, an ardent mac user, a blogger, an Oxford univ alumnus, a scribbler, a technology expert, a New York times best selling author are some of Tom Standage's identities (not necessarily in that order). Ah, and he is also the Business Editor of The Economist!

In this talk about telecom convergence and the mesmerising magical world of mobile telephony, broadband, and Internet TV, Tom orchestrates a perfect symphony by explaining in a jargon free language that the distinctions between these technologies are blurring. He believes utility and substance coupled with stlye and grace in products such as iPhone makes them a beautiful combination.  And then, the talk reaches a crescendo when he responds to my diffident accusation that technology is overwhelming us and that we are growing too fast for our own comfort.  (Image Source: theglobalist)

His book, "A History of World in Six Glasses'', published in 2005 argued that each drink - tea, coffee, beer, rum, wine, brandy carried the charm and the essence of the civilization that they represented. While beer was a life saving drink for Egypt (where it was being used to pay wages), wine helped Greece spread its culture abroad. All in all it was disruptive enough to win the accolades of the critics and the masses alike, Tom has already started work on his new book. And this time, the thread that connects his thoughts is 'food'!   While he describes himself as being  "the least musical from a musical family," he sure knows a thing or two about food and drinks!

Sit Back. Relax. Get yourself a cup of coffee. Coz this one deserves it!

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