Point Blank with Ann Wroe, Economist's Obituaries Editor!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007 05:30 Written by  Published in Point Blank Show

“God, Ann's writing is so incredibly, fantastically good that it makes me want to get famous and then kill myself so she will write an obituary about me." So says a blogger about The Economist's Briefings and Obituaries Editor, Ann Wroe. Infact, Some people in the blogosphere have no qualms in admitting that Ann is THE reason for keeping their weekly dose of 'The Economist's' subscription alive. (Image Source: economist.com)

Ann is a doctorate in Medieval History from Oxford university and is also a prolific writer. Her books are more about people about whom you would not read on front page of newspapers or in Magazines like 'Hello', 'Okay' or closer home, 'Bombay Times.' In 'Pontius Pilate ', Ann writes about the man who presided over the trial of Jesus Christ and in 'Perkin: The story of deception ', she dwells upon the 15th Century character who was considered by some the true heir to the English throne; as it stands it isn't quite right!

Ann's work is akin to intense method acting which actors like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino use to get under the skin of the character that they play. While the two actors do that once or twice a year for a role and a few million dollars, Ann has mastered the art week after week by writing about anyone who is merely famous (read: Anna Nicole Smith) or unexpectedly fascinating like Inder Jit Rikhye, the peacemaker from India.

Here is a big shout out from the Indicast family to Ann... Apart from sparing her time for the podcast, she has also shipped us an autographed copy of her latest book, 'Being Shelly: the Poet's search for himself ' which has already hit the book stands across the world to rave reviews!

And folks, before you draw any conclusions on how much intimidating would a person boasting such an eclectic taste be, download file and go give yourself a pleasant surprise!

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