Point Blank with Gurcharan Das

Tuesday, 18 September 2007 05:30 Written by  Published in Point Blank Show
Point Blank with Gurcharan Das Source: The Hindu

In this podcast, he is his modest self, describing his early life and his time as a the VP and MD of P&G Worldwide and more.  An unabashed supporter of capitalism, he believes that the business of the Government is not to be in business. However, he maintains throughout, that healthy competition is a result of strong governance and 'enlightened regulation'. He says, "Our economy grows at night when the Government is asleep. Unlike china, where the success is induced by the state, our's is a success despite the state!"

He started out by graduating from Harvard in Politics and Philosophy. There, he changed his majors at will every semister to accommodate his interests and passions. Later he attended the Harvard Business School and promptly came back to India to be part of Richardson Hindustan Ltd. (of Vicks vapourub fame) where he started out as a Management trainee. He took an early retirement and took to writing and consulting! We recorded this over the phone when the evening celebrations of Ganapati had just kicked off. So, the background score comes with the package. So, please bear with that and I hope you will have something more to add to what Mr.Gurcharan has to say about capitalism, books, cricket, education, microfinance, etc

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