Point Blank with Adam Roberts Economist's News Editor on Immigration

Tuesday, 12 February 2008 05:30 Written by  Abhishek Published in Point Blank Show

Adam Roberts, the News Editor of economist.com is fresh from having penned a brilliant Special Report (published at least once a month) on 'Migration' and its impact on the lives of billions from across the planet. His report estimates that there are around 200 million migrants across the world which make up 3 per cent of the population. This number will only grow and so will the xenophobia surrounding it. Adam opens up 4 minutes into his candid talk and we end up talking about the lighter side of Migration as well - It's called Chicken Tikka Masala! Listen to know what we mean!

Like many of his colleagues, Adam has managed to squeeze in time to author a book! 'The Wonga Coup,' a story of British mercenaries plot to overthrow the ruler of Equatorial Guinea. It is being made into a film later this year! (Image Source: The Economist)

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