Prof. Kanu Doshi on Union Budget 2008

Tuesday, 04 March 2008 19:00 Written by  Abhishek Published in Point Blank Show
A lot has been said about the Union Budget 2008 already. The experts have fashionably shunted this as a shamelessly populist and a cloyingly sweet Budget. So, do we need another voice adding to the noise? I say, "Yes!" if the voice is that of Prof Kanu H Doshi who is reputed to create music in all the cacophony.
In this Podcast, he does not play the proverbial 'Economist with one hand'. He is point blank and opinionated in all matters from the Rs. 60,000 tax waiver awarded to the farmers and the sops extended to the working middle class. And he is a brilliant story teller and explains certain economic jargons like 'the multiplier effect' and 'retained earnings' in a simple manner! He unleashes his witty remarks at the fag end of the podcast which will have you in splits. Heard about a finance whizard with a sense of humor? Well, that's Kanu H Doshi for you or like his friends call him, 'Kanu bhai!'

Listen Online (64 kbps) : Episode length: 27 mins

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About the guest:

Mr. Kanu H. Doshi is a senior practicing Chartered Accountant and a Consultant to Association of Mutual Funds in India and several other Mutual Funds and companies on Taxation, Company Law and Financial matters. Mr. Doshi is a Director on the Boards of companies like Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited, BOB Capital Markets Limited and Edelweiss Capital Asset Management Limited. He has co-authored books on “Tax Holidays”, “Financial Accounting” and recently “Special Economic Zones”. His articles regularly appear in leading print publications in India. He is the Dean – Finance, at Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai where he teaches Corporate Tax Planning and Financial Management.