Point Blank with Capital Markets Editor of The Economist

Monday, 07 April 2008 05:30 Written by  Hersh Published in Point Blank Show

It's been a roller coaster ride for the equity markets over the last few months. From being one of the best investment options, the global markets have fallen to new lows. Recession fears in the US have knocked down stock prices from their high pedestal. But how does one define a recession, and what is its impact on the common man? Can the genesis of this slow down be attributed to a particular event? And more importantly where is all this leading to? Philip Coggan, the Capital Markets editor at The Economist unravels the answers to these questions in this episode of the Point Blank series. (Image Source: The Economist)

Even in tough times like these, everyone still wants to follow the adage of making their money work just as hard as they do. In the hope of finding higher returns, individuals are increasingly allowing the experts to manage their money on their behalf. But in return for this faith, the fund managers seem to be extracting their pound of flesh from the victims… er clients. Philip Coggan in his special report on the fund industry has aptly described the utopian world in which the fund managers live in. According to him it is a business in which other people hand you their money to look after and pay you handsomely for doing so. Even better, your fees go up every year, even if you are hopeless at the job. It sounds perfect.

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